Monthly Archives: November 2009

Dismas House wows Russians

WORCESTER – When a group of Russian judges, lawyers and legislators was asked what impressed them so far on their law and justice tour with the International Center of Worcester, they were quick in their response: New York City and Dismas House. Click HERE to read the full article.

Dismas House, a model prisoner re-entry program

Dismas House of Massachusetts is being held up as a model prisoner re-entry program for communities nationwide to imitate. Dismas was recognized as a model by the Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation in Washington, D.C. The foundation had LaFrance Associates research team in San Francisco study Dismas and six other programs, according to Jennie Amison. Mrs. Amison is director of the foundation’s Replications for Previously Incarcerated Persons program. She is also the executive director of its Gemeinschaft Home in Harrisonburg, Va., […]

Dismas partners to create homeless housing

WORCESTER — A local foundation yesterday pledged more than $1 million in immediate funding — and as much as $3 million over the next several years — toward the goal of not just stemming the tide of chronic adult homelessness, but eradicating it altogether in the city. The ambitious initiative, announced by the Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, is to begin immediately and will initially target 125 people, an estimated 20 percent of Worcester’s chronic homeless population. “Chronically homeless people […]

St. John’s and Dismas partner to clean up University Park

St John’s students and residents of Dismas House and Almost Home got together to clean up University Park this spring. Dismas has held several cleanups of the park, and will work with community partners to continue keeping the park free of trash, and also working to help beautify this park asset in Main South Worcester. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Dismas to team up for an on-going weekly clean-up.

Dismas continues committment to Crystal Park

Scottie Guzman and Dismas residents have adopted Crystal Park, as part of an ongoing effort to turn the park around, and make it a safer, cleaner park for families. As part of Dismas’ ongoing commitment, residents clean up litter, lead crews to paint benches, repair picnic benches, plant and maintain flowers, and volunteer at park festivals.