Monthly Archives: November 2010

Dismas Family Farm partners with Armsby Abbey

“It takes time and effort, Sadowski said, “but now people are coming to us.” When overlook Farm in Rutland had an extra 40 pounds of carrots and garlic, Lopez was happy to oblige. Last year the Abbey started getting tomatoes and greens from the Dismas house Farm in Oakham, a 35-acre farm where former prisoners get a fresh start by growing fresh vegetables.” Click HERE to see the full article on edible Boston.

Dismas House and the College of the Holy Cross partnership

“Holy Cross’ long history with Dismas House, a model community program for former prison inmates, has reached another milestone. With this new chapter, the engaged learning and social justice opportunities that are a hallmark of Holy Cross have been enhanced.” Click HERE to see the full article at the College of the Holy Cross.