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Dismas Farm Residents Build Additional Greenhouse

The Dismas Family Farm gets ready for the next season of planting and growing vegetables by building another greenhouse.

Second Annual Dismas Family Farm Fall Harvest Festival Gallery

Dismas friends enjoyed a fun-filled day with hayrides, kids’ games such as pumpkin bowling and three-legged races, good food, & the wood crafts and products from the residents of Dismas Family Farm

First Year Big Success for Farmers’ Market

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. – The bustling vendor tents on West Main Street were a typical site on Thursdays during the summer. Filled with local vendors selling their goods and eager shoppers purchasing them, the Westborough Farmers’ Market drew hundreds of curious residents from around the area. The farmers’ market finished out its first year in September after what many believe was a successful run. Click HERE to see the full article on The Daily Westborough.

Welcome to Dismas House!

Dismas is Family. You feel welcome whenever you enter any of our homes. Since 1988, Dismas House has been welcoming former prisoners back to greater Worcester. In our homes, Dismas House, Dismas Family Farm, and the Father John Brooks House, and our other apartments, former prisoners are engaged in the hard work of rebuilding lives, and rekindling hope for themselves and their families. Families with kids, volunteer Board members, live-in international students, and church groups help create the family atmosphere […]