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Dismas continues committment to Crystal Park

Scottie Guzman and Dismas residents have adopted Crystal Park, as part of an ongoing effort to turn the park around, and make it a safer, cleaner park for families. As part of Dismas’ ongoing commitment, residents clean up litter, lead crews to paint benches, repair picnic benches, plant and maintain flowers, and volunteer at park festivals.

Restored Dismas House dedicated: Transition home for ex-prisoners

WORCESTER — Staff members of Dismas House at 30 Richards St. thought they would be successful three years ago just to get new beds and ceiling fans for their residents. They got a surprise. Because of generous community, state and foundation response, Dismas House was able to raise $230,000 to completely refurbish the 130-year-old house, put in a new kitchen, renovate all the bedrooms and increase its capacity by turning the old carriage house into new living space. Dismas House, […]

Dismas House to mark 15 years

WORCESTER — Dismas House will mark its 15th anniversary in the city with a fund-raising gala at Tuckerman Hall next weekend. The third annual Good Thief Gala will be held from 5 to 9 p.m. Saturday. “I think this fund-raiser is a great opportunity to celebrate 15 years, and all these people who have come through our house,” said David McMahon, co-director of Dismas House. “It’s a model that works. It’s a way to say thank you to the community […]

Community blooms with thanks: Neighborhood buys land that hosts garden

WORCESTER — “Where there is a will there is a way” had been the rallying cry of students and community organizers who last year vowed to save a popular community garden on Richards Street, after the property on which the garden sits went up for sale. Once a trash heap, the Richards Street Garden, filled with a variety of vegetables and flowers and tended by ministers, former prisoners, disabled adults, students and area residents, had become a patch of pride […]

A garden of their own: Community distressed that plot up for sale

WORCESTER — On one side of the RE/MAX sign that went up last weekend putting the Richards Street community garden on the market is a crayon plea from 10-year-old Jose Rodriquez. “We do not want our garden destroyed,” reads the petition to save the tiered garden where summer vegetables have been tended this growing season by ministers, former prisoners, disabled adults from a nearby group home, students ranging in age from second-graders to college undergraduates and area residents with a […]

Expansion plans a reality: ‘Adoption’ campaign adds space to Dismas House

WORCESTER — After weathering some tough economic times, Dismas House celebrated a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday for renovations and additions. Several local politicians attended the event for the nonprofit organization, which provides housing and services to former inmates upon their release from incarceration. Dismas House took a big hit earlier this year when state budget cuts slashed a quarter of its budget, said David McMahon, co-director of Dismas House. Mr. McMahon said the other co-director of Dismas House, Colleen Hilferty, came […]