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Farm SunriseIn October 2009, with the support of foundation partners, including the Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, Inc., The Stoddard Charitable Trust, the Highland Street Foundation, Charlesbank Homes, Hoche-Scofield Foundation, First Congregational Church of Auburn, Fletcher Foundation, and MassHousing CCRI, Dismas House opened the Dismas Family Farm, a holistic, rehabilitative and vocational reentry model, on a working farm in Oakham, which will serve former prisoners and their families.

The Dismas Family Farm complements the other Dismas programs. Designed to be self-supporting, this working farm produces crops, animals, and finished wood products, as well as candles and popcorn produced for winter revenues. Goods are marketed through a variety of venues, with residents assisting in managing production, crafts, and sales. Residents maintain the farmhouse in Dismas tradition, and are additionally trained in crop production, animal husbandry, barn management, woodshop skills, production of finished farm goods, and marketing strategies and approaches. Additionally, residents are expected to either work for the farm or to be employed full-time. The population served at the farm is the former prisoner population Dismas House specializes in, and will serve as an integral part of the program, providing additional vocational training and job related skill development in addition to case management in a substance free environment.