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Dismas House is a supportive community that provides transitional housing and services to former prisoners and real-life educational opportunities to students from area colleges, and from througout the US and the world! The men and women of Dismas House live and work as a family, helping each other grow towards the goal of reintegration into society. Dismas provides a consesnsus-based, sober alternative to a return to the streets, and a return to incarceration. Our cooks, donors, board members and other volunteers help make reconciliation a reality.

The key to Dismas House is the phrase “Dismas is family”. The success of the house is a collaborative effort. People living in the house pay part of the operating expenses. Students are given opportunities for internships in non-profit management and/or live-in positions in the Dismas community. There are simple rules, such as no violence, drugs or alcohol; and there are expectations, such as attendance at dinners, curfews, chores and participating in house meetings and activities.